Making a buck a day

Fun (CC by Tom Hodgkinson) I haven't been posting much here, I know. Surprised that anybody is still bothering to check, but I've been entertaining a few, I see from my mailbox notifications. The simple answer is that I've been having way too much fun over on Medium. Since mid-December, I've published eighty articles. Check … Continue reading Making a buck a day


Mist Opportunity

A chance encounter in the land of the rising sun. Sun grazing deer (CC by Thibault Martin-Lagardette) Richard nudged Carrielle awake. “Time to rise and shine, honey!” Carrie groaned. “But it’s dark! Is there coffee?” “The full moon is out there waiting for you,” Richard replied, “and dawn’s in half an hour. Come on, grab … Continue reading Mist Opportunity

Why we Shouldn’t be Afraid of Climate Change

If someone is fearmongering about global warming, they are dead wrong. Image credit Pixabay I recently published a story about Factfulness by Hans Rosling. It is a brilliant book and I urge every thinking person to read it. This book challenged my own deeply-held views about the world and myself. Rosling, step by careful step, demonstrated why I needed to rely … Continue reading Why we Shouldn’t be Afraid of Climate Change

The Ultimate Anti-Trump Textbook

Factfulness by Hans Rosling; this book made me see the world in a startling new way. I like to regard myself as a reasonably intelligent, well-educated, well-read, and observant woman. I keep up with current affairs, I have travelled widely, and I like to think that I know more about the world and its people … Continue reading The Ultimate Anti-Trump Textbook

How to pee standing up

You too can make the world your toilet Frank climbed over the railing, unzipped his jeans, and pissed a golden stream out into the sunset. Against the twilight valley below, it made an impressive sight. I automatically reached for my camera, but I had left it in the car, along with the wine we’d been drinking … Continue reading How to pee standing up

Intense military

Ten Sigma by Andrew Wang is a bit of a strange creature. Science fiction, military, thriller, psychodrama. Something to satisfy every fan, I guess. Science fiction, in that it deals with a future world, an extension of our own, where war, division, climate change, inequality, and poverty rule. A woman dying of cancer, facing a bleak future, … Continue reading Intense military